3 Day Refresh – To dive in or dip out?

Since Memorial Day is coming up I decided to take advantage of the sale that Beachbody is having on their 3 day refresh. I've seen some other people with amazing results and figured that after a holiday filled with dirty, rotten, evil alcoholic beverages and fried chicken (probably) staring me in the face, that this … Continue reading 3 Day Refresh – To dive in or dip out?

21 Day Fix – Day 21

I just want to start by wishing all of my mama readers a very happy Mother's Day! Ihope, even if your children aren't with you, that you are being celebrated. I believe children learn the most from their parents, and moms in particular, are a guiding light. I've learned all of life's most important lessons … Continue reading 21 Day Fix – Day 21

21 Day Fix – Day 9

Today I'm sleepy and I could have gone back to bed for the rest of the day. Even though I'm sleepy I still have energy. My body isn't tired, my brain is wide awake, but my attitude is just a little sleepy. I'm an introvert that pretends to be an extrovert. I could go days … Continue reading 21 Day Fix – Day 9

21 Day Fix – Day 7

This has been a great weekend. I love the great outdoors! We woke up at 8ish and my chef (otherwise known as my boyfriend and "the campfire King") started making breakfast and I began cleaning up the tent. Once we ate we enjoyed the morning with a campfire cup of joe while sitting back with … Continue reading 21 Day Fix – Day 7

21 Day Fix – Day 6

 Saturday's are for fun, but it helps when you get your workout done before the party starts or you veg on the couch with an all day Netflix binge. Let's face it, we all love those days! Today we actually slept in which is rare for us. We bounced out of our tent at about … Continue reading 21 Day Fix – Day 6

21 Day Fix – Day 5

It's Fresh Friday! TGIF!  Before I hit the 21 day fix part of the post I just wanted to touch on a couple of things. First, it's my sisters birthday!! Happy birthday Kathleen. I love you!  Secondly, (this will be the only depressing part of this post) I wanted to wish peace to those that … Continue reading 21 Day Fix – Day 5

21 Day Fix – Day 4

Today we stretch it out, which will feel oh so nice on those muscles. It's funny because I'm never sore directly after a workout. It usually takes one ore two days for me to feel the pain. Last night my triceps started feeling it forrr surrre! The sides of my buttocks (haha buttocks) are feeling … Continue reading 21 Day Fix – Day 4