I am an actor, fashionista, foodie, Mama, and territory rep for a group called Just Got 2 Have It. I represent some of the best lines out there and I see new things every day. Whether I am in a boutique, market, salon, gift shop or on another adventure I am always spotting new things that I fall in love with. I want to share that love with all of YOU! I now have a vlog on YouTube too, so if you’re more of a watcher than a reader look for my Fresh Friday vlog updates (under construction as I get mommy-hood under control). I’ll be covering all aspects of FitFabDelish and you’ll be able to get to know me a little better!

I believe in sharing the good and bringing positivity into others lives. Hopefully I will help you in some way by sharing an inspirational quote, healthy dish, great skin care product, or general tip. I will also try to help encourage you in your own business. Business is business and we all need encouragment! By being our best selves we thrive in the environments we live and work in.

You don’t have to sacrifice everything to live a fitfabelish lifestyle. These days there are deals everywhere, fashion is your choice, and your taste doesn’t have to be approved by anyone!

Live a fit, fab, and delicious life and you will always feel like you are at the top of your game. When you feel good you can get through everything!

Thank you for joining me on my fit, fab, delish journey! 



It is so important to take care of what is inside. Staying healthy and fit not only affects you physically, but it also affects your mind. Stay fit with tips from my favorite experts and add excercises to your routine so you don’t get bored. Pay attention to what your body tells you. It speaks to you at all times, but we don’t often listen and end up disrespecting it. Your body is your temple. It is yours and always will be. A healthy lifestyle stems from a healthy heart so keep active and you’ll be rewarded greatly. I’ve committed to programs that have worked for me during different phases of my life, but it’s always fun to change things up so you don’t get bored. Find something that works for you in this moment. I’m here to encourage you!


I have always been a shopoholic and now I am lucky enough to have a job where I get to explore new fashion trends and try new products every day. I go into different types of shops daily and always find new treats. My “fab” posts consist of a wide range of goodies. There is something for everyone, which means there will be something for YOU! I really love safe and/or chemical free products and use them whenever possible. I’m not a all natural bandit, but believe the things that we put on our body are as important as the things we put into our body. We must nourish our whole selves.


Are you intersted in finding yummy, healthy options that still provide satisfaction? YES!

All I do in the kitchen is experiment. Every once in a while I’ll have a homecooked cheat meal because life wouldn’t be good without it, but I do believe in putting the right things into my body. Here you will find all dishes I’ve made, which have proved to be successful. I also always try to find recipes that are  inexpensive, simple, easy, and time sensitive.  With my busy schedule I can’t afford to spend hours in the kitchen, unless my crock pot is doing the job! If you’re doing a beachbody program with me, you’ll find great ways to serve up delish meals at home and on the go!