3 Day Refresh – To dive in or dip out?

Since Memorial Day is coming up I decided to take advantage of the sale that Beachbody is having on their 3 day refresh. I’ve seen some other people with amazing results and figured that after a holiday filled with dirty, rotten, evil alcoholic beverages and fried chicken (probably) staring me in the face, that this might be the time to dive in. Plus I’m going to Miami where the heat is on and every one has muscles right afterwards for a work trip. Before clicking the “buy” button I wanted to do even more research just to make sure this would be doable for me.

Now that I’m a fan of beachbody, since I’ve been doing other programs, I doubted that I would see any faults. Compared to other cleanses, this seems like one of the more healthy ones because it doesn’t totally deprive you of food. Sometimes when I see transformations (before and after pics) of people on-line after cleanses and diets and magic pills, I’m like, “Is that for real or is that photoshopped?” I can now attest that the beachbody photos aren’t photoshopped because I know some of these people personally. Now I’m not saying they don’t have Instagram filters on some of them…

I am committed to making a difference in my physical appearance and my mental health so I’m not too worried about my own accountability for staying on track for three days, but if you feel that you can’t commit to the program than I wouldn’t bother trying it.

With 3 day refresh you get the following:
3 Shakeology packets (you can choose your own flavors, but they recommend vegan for the cleans because they are a little easier to digest), 6 packets of Vanilla Fresh (which is a high content protein shake), 3 packets of Fiber Sweep (I hear you may want to stay close to a bathroom), and a program guide with recipes, allowable food, and other info.

From what I understand they basically divide your meals and shakes up throughout the day which means you’re not skipping any meals. I am always looking forward to my next meal because I’m addicted to food so this is really important for me.

Other cleanses don’t often include real foods, let alone nutritious foods so it shouldn’t feel too depriving. Plus some juice fasts are really high in sugar and low in protein which decreases your energy.  This one is designed to support your metabolism and nourish your organs. The other nice thing about this cleanse as it’s a great introduction to the beachbody programs. If you see results after just 3 days, then imagine what you can do for yourself if you stick to one of the longer programs. These programs are all about getting healthy. 

Some tips that I’ve gotten:

  • modify your workouts if you currently have a program you are on. Since you aren’t fueling your body quite as much you may want to drop down the intensity.
  • Stock your fridge with the allowable foods prior to starting the cleanse so you have everything you need and you aren’t tempted by the inner layers of the grocery store.
  • Plan to do it around social engagements…again, so there isn’t any temptation.
  • This is definitely a low calorie cleanse and isn’t meant to be done for more than 3 days.

If you currently have shakeology you can order the 3 day refresh without which lowers the cost a little more. I’m jumping in for a Memorial Day cleanse and I’ll blog for the duration of it. I’ll be the guinea pig. If you want to be a guinea pig with me let me know and we can do it together. There is going to be a challenge group for it which really helps with motivation and accountability. Of course you don’t have to join it, but it’s actually kind of fun! For more information just Holla!! I have a video that I can share with you too if you’re interested. Just let me know in the comments and I will email you the link!

xo Julie Ann


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