21 Day Fix – Day 18

It’s cinco de may which means my will power has to work it! I love Mexican food and any reason to celebrate by eating it. Don’t even get me started on tequila…

I have been so good today, you wouldn’t even believe it. Want to know what else? I have an announcement to make tomorrow. I’m just going to leave you with that!

Today’s workout:

Pilates –  I worked out in a hotel room today for both workouts. The nice thing about it is there was plenty of room in front of the mirrored closet. This really helped me so I could check on my form. I was worried that my body wasn’t quite in line when doing my planks and I was good for the most part. I just needed to adjust my shoulders a little so they were more in line. 

Total Body Cardio Fix – so I brought my resistance band with me and I forgot that I needed weights for this particular round. I was able to modify and use it for a couple of things but otherwise I just did the movements unweighted. That didn’t really matter though because I really tried to increase the intensity and speed. My abs were beat after today, and I’m happy for it!

Today’s Eats:


(1 red, 1/3 green)

  • Veggie frittata muffins


(1 purple)

  • Half of a Banana


(1 red)

  • 2 hard boiled eggs

All of this is all I had left in my littler cooler so I made do!


(1 red)

  • Protien shake 


(1 red, 2 yellow, 1 green)

  • Filet Mignin
  • Broccolini 
  • Sweet potato
  • One glass of red wine

Was so happy with dinner. I was so looking forward to it and glad I could find something healthy. A taco would have been good too!

Stay tuned for Fresh Friday!!


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