21 Day Fix – Day 17

I got up super early this morning becaus I had a 3.5 hour drive ahead of me to visit customers on the western outskirts of my GA territory. I heard my alarm go off and I hit snooze and then I was like “Juie ANN, what are you thinking? You have to get up!” So I got up, hit play, ate breakfast, showered, packed what was left (tennis shoes and cooler) and left.

I listen to a lot of podcasts in my car and this morning I realized that I really depend on them to get me through a drive, especially early in the morning when people haven’t gotten to work yet and I don’t have them to talk to on the phone. Well I finally got a new phone and this morning I realized that my auxiliary cord that connects my phone with my car stereo doesn’t quite fit into the new phone case. Phone fail. One of my friends even texted a new podcast to me to listen to this morning and I couldn’t. Plus I downloaded Hamilton (the Broadway musical that you should have heard about by now) and I couldn’t even listen to that. Double phone fail! I ended up listening to the radio, then to silence, then to more morning radio which I’m not a very big fan of. I guess you didn’t need to know all that, but I’m hoping you’ll just wish me luck moving forward.

Today was decent. I did well until dinner time. See below.

The Workout:

Lower Fix – My butt is already sore! That’s really all I have. A sore butt. 10lbs (or 20 depending on how you look at it) all rounds, sore booty.

10 minute abs- I couldn’t get Beachbody on Demand to stream and didn’t download this before I left which was super annoying but I did find a girl on YouTube who recorded herself doing it, so I followed her and Autumn’s voice in the background. 

Today’s Eats:


(1 red, 1/3 green, 1 purple)

  • Veggies fritatta muffins
  • Half of a banana


(1/2 purple, 1/2 red)

  • Strawberries 
  • Hard boiled egg


(1/2 green, 1/2 red, 1/2 blue)

  • Hard boiled egg
  • Veggie salad (cucumber, avocado, tomato, red onion)


(1 red)

  • Protein shake


(1 red, 1 1/2 green, 1 orange, 1 yellow)

  • Steak salad
  • 1/2 glass red wine

Dessert- this is where everything went wrong. I had Strawberry shortcake. It was just calling my name and I couldn’t resist. I felt terrible afterwards. I can’t tell if my stomach hurts because of the sugar or because of the 10 minute abs I made myself do when I got in. Now I have to be super careful tomorrow through the weekend because this was my cheat. I’m just glad it was after leg day. Those bigger muscles might appreciate it a little more. Ok, enough with the excuses. All you can do is move on after cheating and make better choices. I’m going to go chug some water now and hit the hay…another long day tomorrow. God bless!

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