21 Day Fix – Day 2

This morning I woke up and I got on the scale. Normally I don’t weigh myself a ton because I know the scale isn’t super realistic when it comes to losing fat. However I ate pizza and sweets over the weekend and I gained 4 lbs!! Yesterday I got back into the swing of things, did my cardio fix plus a little extra for my legs and I didn’t eat crap. Today I was happy that I was no longer bloated and uncomfortable and that 4 lbs came back off. Talk about fluctuation. Your body can hold on to water after a cheat day filled with sodium and carbs. “Cheating” is actually a good way to trick the body into thinking you’re not starving it. It can have a positve effect on your body and reset your homones. If you are eating less or switching to healthier foods on the 21 day fix then you normally do, the body will go into starvation mode until time passes and it regulates. This means that it will go to your muscles first for energy before your fat stores. We for sure want that the other way around! Normally a couple of treat meals throughout the week aren’t going to affect you, but when people like me hear treat or cheat they tend to go overboard! Sometimes cravings mean that your body is asking for something. If you think  your body is asking for something, drink a big glass of water with lemon and then see if you’re still craving it afterwards. That’s the little trick I use.

So with that said, I feel great today and am excited about the next 3 weeks. It’s Turn it up Tuesday! Do more than you did yesterday. Bring up the intensity, do one more rep, use a new ingredient in your recipes, and remember you are doing this for YOU!


Upper body fix

The great thing about all of the workouts, besides that they are so easy to make time for, is that they work your whole body. The upper fix focuses on your chest, back, shoulders, tri’s, and bi’s but you are always working your core and your legs. Right now I am using 8 lb weights because that’s all I have but I don’t switch out to lighter weights when she calls for it.

I’m definitely going to have to get some heavier weights for leg day. Do what you can. Your body will tell you when it’s time to add more weight!

Side note – I ended up going down to our gym and engaging more of my upper body muscles with a few machines and  12 lbs free weights which used to be easy for me…not anymore. I felt the burn and will hopefully feel sore tomorrow. Does anyone else LOVE it when they feel sore? It hurts and feels awesome at the same time!

Today’s Eats:


(1/2 purple container, 1/2 blue container, 1 green container, 1 1/2 red container)

  • Asparagus, spinach, and mushroom frittata with shredded cheese on top and tobasco (I also added a little unsweetened almond milk to my eggs to add volume and fluff them up).
  • Raspberries
  • Warm lemon water


  • Half of a banana


(1 red container, 1 yellow container)

  • Tuna
  • Black beans
  • 16 oz. lemon infused water ( I won’t put this every time. Just make sure you are drinking water throughout the day.)

So I’m eating the same thing I did yesterday, but I did add a little hot sauce this time. Your Mexican type hot sauces are always a freebie. Other types of hot sauces may have extra sodium or sugars in them.

I find that when I find something that works, I do it until I run out or get sick of it. A can of tuna is just really simple for me and one can is equivalent to one red container. You can’t beat that!


Ok so all of the berries I had for breakfast didn’t make it into my pie hole. They were way too sweet for me. I ended up adding them to my green smoothie to add more sweetness and offset the spinichy (is that a word?) taste and it did the trick!

(1 green, 1/2 purple [+my 1/2 breakfast purple])

  • green smoothie – spinach (frozen spinach crumbles right up), raspberries, strawberries, peeled cucumber

I have had this Oster blender for years and it still works like a champ!


So I planned on making stuff peppers tonight and they turned out delicious! I didn’t follow the recipe to a T because I didn’t have everything on hand, I just used a few less ingredients.  I found a fix approved taco seasoning recipe which was great. Half the time with seasonings I just throw a bunch of stuff together that I know I can eat and it turns out pretty well. The recipe I found basically had most of my favorite spices! Most other recipes that I found for the seasoning that were 21 day fixed approved had too much salt in them and I am trying to stay away from too much salt. There are so many recipes on Pinterest that say 21 day fix recipes, but double check them to make sure they are all good. If you aren’t able to survive without salt, go with Himalayan pink sea salt. It has about 20 different minerals where as regular table salt only has three!

That was your dropping knowledge with Julie Ann segment!

Taco Seasoning recipe:

I hope you enjoyed Day 2! Just to clarify I am no expert…on anything really. Go get ’em Tiger..or Tigress!!!

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