21 day fix – day 1

If you’ve never heard of 21 Day Fix by Beachbody (those same insane hard bodies that brought p90x and insanity infomercials to your tv while you were diving head first into Dominoes Pizza), I am here to tell you all about it. Today marks my first day of the program and I will be blogging for all of the 21 days!  I decided that it would help me be accountable to the program and to my blog.

 I’ve been added to a Facebook Group of other women who want to start a healthier lifestyle. The group acts as support and keeps you motivated. Everyone shares triumphs, recipes and tips, and encouragement. 

Chances are you’ve heard about the program if you’re any thing like me and on social media all the time. I see Facebook posts from coaches, Instagram pictures of before and after’s, and recipes on Pinterest that are 21 day fix approved. Now hopefully,  if  all goes well, I will be one of the people posting all of these things!

I already have a pretty clean diet as you have  seen from my visits to fresh field farms and my Pinterest For Foodies board, but I will be cutting out red meat and dessert type coffees from Starbucks. Lately I have been drinking warm lemon water in the morning to help with digestion but I will allow myself coffee with Stevia only and almond milk. Unsweetened of course!

The one thing that is on the 21 day fix plan that I am not incorporating into my diet is the shakeology  protein powder. I have been juicing with “super” greens and will make sure to get all of my protein  containers in every day. I don’t think the shakeology  is a must for this plan as I’ve done my research, but it might be a good idea for you. I know people love it because it can satisfy a sweet tooth and is really easy to bring with you on the go as a meal if you are always out and about.

I do travel quite a bit, so the meal prep is really important. Every night I cook dinner for two and we ALWAYS have leftovers. Normally I’ve been in the habit of bringing leftovers from the prior evening for lunch the next day and it has worked out great. I do frequent Whole Foods and Fresh Market as they have a salad bar and you can make healthy choices. It’s harder to eat out at a restaurant because you don’t know all of the ingredients that they’re putting into their dressings and seemingly healthier type meals. 

Autumn, who created beach body, and who you work out with on the DVDs says that you can do anything for 60 seconds. Well I believe that I can do anything for 21 days so I am so excited about what results I will have to show you at the end. I plan to do this a few rounds until I see results and can make it like a pro through all the workouts. Then I may go onto another one of their workout plans.

The Breakdown:

With the 21 day fix you are sent colored containers for the food you are allowed to eat each day as well as workout DVDs and a coaching booklet should you just love it and want to move towards being a coach. 

I was also sent an extra plyometrics workout DVD. I have bad knees and jumping isn’t the best for me. I will try it at some point and let you know how it is. There is also a book that shows you what foods you can enjoy for each container as well as  recipes.

 It breaks down everything for you and makes the program so simple, anyone can do it! Based on your current weight, it also gives you the amount of containers you can eat each day. For instance I get to eat 4 red containers (protein), three green containers (veggies), two purple containers (fruit), One blue container (healthy fats), one Orange container (seeds, dressings), and 2 teaspoons (ie. oil for cooking). They also send you labels for each container so you can label them with your allowed amount. There is no room for error. There is also a great free app that you can download called the 21 Day Fix Tracker. This allows you to log your workout and which containers you’ve eaten for each meal. I love the app and plan on using it every day to help me remember!

Today I did the first workout which is Cardio Fix followed by the steam room for approx 10 minutes and a shower that was too cold! I dropped my phone in the toilet earlier today and didn’t have a timer with me so I had to play it safe. The water works definitely came and I’m not talking about tears!

Today’s Eats


(One red container, One green container, one half blue container, one purple container)

  • Broccoli and egg scramble with cheddar cheese & hot sauce
  • Half banana
  • Warm lemon water


(One red container and one yellow container)

  • tuna
  • Black beans

Sounds yummy huh? Legumes are the only way I can fit my carbs in. I have been trying to live a more primal or paleo lifestyle since the beginning of the year and just started adding in more legumes. I am not a huge fan of other allowable starches for the diet, although I just picked up a butternut squash and saw some great recipes so I may try that soon. Hmm, that’s still a vegetable though isn’t it…well I’m at a loss!


(One half blue container and one green container)

  • Hummus
  • Baby carrots


(One green container, two red containers, One yellow container)

  • Chicken fajita salad seasoned with Mrs. Dash & hot sauce
  • Black beans


(One purple container)

  • The other half of my banana

The only thing I am missing is the orange container.  I saw a recipe for some yummy dressings so I’ll make that and share the next time I have a salad, which will probably be tomorrow.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want to join in at any point!


Dinner: Fajita salad with black beans & hot sauce

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