Fresh Friday – Studio Pennylane

Studio Pennylane paired with the penny to inspire mindful change in every day life. Practicing gratitude and having daily affirmations bring light and happiness into our worlds. It’s research based! During our last Fresh Friday we talked about goal setting. This should be incorporated into your goals, because the more often we remind ourselves of what our goals are and what it takes to achieve them, the more active we will be in making them come true.

Laws of attraction. Practicing the secret. I know you’ve heard all of this!

Every item within the Studio Pennylane brand is meant to remind you of this. Remember that every day is a gift and it was given to you because you’re as important as the land, the sky, and the sea. Don’t take it for granted. Take a few minutes every day to close your eyes and clear your mind. When you open your eyes, tell the truth about what you’re grateful for. There is a person in another room opening their eyes and saying your name.

Below is the link to my vlog. Thanks for listening! Subscribe if you’d like Fresh Friday updates before ayone else!

Studio Pennylane Vlog


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