My First Fresh Friday Vlog


I seem to be one of those types of people that occasionally starts something that never ends up being finished. One of my goals for 2016 is to create a vlog for every Friday for the rest of 2016. I obviously started this a little too late and I’m not completely happy with my first video because I didn’t take the time to prepare, but I started…that’s what’s important.

I recently heard a podcast that gave some really good advice, maybe it was from Inside Acting or from the Off Camera series (both of which I recommend)…or maybe it was from a book…my mind fails me. They were talking about artists creating. On social media the bullies really tend to come out. Sometimes creators are laughed at and torn down to the tenth degree in the comments that follow their post. Most of the time the posts that spark the most negativity are shared the most…unless it’s a cat playing a piano. The bottom line is that a person took the time and energy to create something. You might not get it, it may not pertain to you, and you may think it’s a waste of space on the world wide web. It doesn’t matter. They put it out there because it meant something to them and might be funny, motivational, silly, or maybe even crazy to another human being. That’s okay. Actually, that’s great!!

Artists paint pictures, do and say things, and provoke thoughtful ideas and imagery in the minds of others. They say things that others are thinking but are too scared to say outloud. They make you laugh and cry and they make you angry! Let them.

I’m an actor but I spend most of my time working for somebody else. I decided to mix the two together by creating this blog. Not only do I have a fun job, but now I’m starting to mix it with my passion. Watch the video below and subscribe to my channel..share it if you want..or don’t! I’m doing this for me and if I can entertain one person along the way, I’m grateful for it (Mom).

Trevor and AJ from Inside Acting have a motto for their podcast…”Always Be Creating.” Creativity means so many things to so many different people. Whether you’re working to create a more diverse group of friends, writing a book, or even making a new schedule for your carpool, you are creating!

This vlog is about goal setting. CREATE an action plan. You are going to ROCK 2016. Let’s do it together!


As another New Years Eve celebration passes and I enter into the new year I can’t help to feel anything but grateful. To wake up another day with all that I have is truly a blessing. More than anything this year I want to continue to inspire, lead by example, and share my journey with you. As a lot of successful people say “If I can do it, anyone can.” I believe that we all have the strength within ourselves to make positive choices. When we feel like all life hands us are curveballs, we have to learn which bat to use and how to hit them. I also think that having faith in God and in yourself has a lot to do with making the right choices. If there is an absence of faith, then there is most likely fear…Fear of moving forward and fear of changing your comfort zone. If you don’t believe in all encompassing God, then find something to believe in!

Becoming a successful actor is my journey. It’s the path that I’ve chosen and that has chosen me. It’s not easy. Many people that aren’t in this industry don’t understand the work that goes into it. Instead of having a 9-5 job, I’m working on aspects of this career until my head hits the pillow while successfully juggling a day job that pays the bills. My day job is perfect because it gives me the opportunity to talk to numerous people every day. I learn about their wants and needs and a lot of customers I’ve become close with let me in on the incatracies of their lives beyond their businesses. I love learning about people. I love understanding people. I love helping people. I love people.

I find that as social media expands, more people are giving their opinions on everything and personal thoughts on why the world seems to be eating them alive! The world isn’t eating you alive, you’ve just chosen to be a victim. Bad things are going to happen, others are going to say awful things to intentionally hurt you, laws are going to be passed that you don’t agree with. That shouldn’t change your behavior and your outlook on life. The world is full of bullies. Social aspects of humanity haven’t changed much from grade school to adulthood. My mom always taught me to be kind and be the bigger person when dealing with someone else who was being mean or doing wrong. I still try to follow that advice. It’s not always easy, but you have to look at the bigger picture and focus on the areas where you can have the most impact. Instead of adding fuel to someone else’s fire, concentrate on your own. How are you going to change the color of your flames in 2016? 

Be a good person, take action, and show us what you’re really made of! If you continue to do good deeds others will notice without you having to write about them. The world will treat you differently. I’m not sayin not to share, but dont do one act of kindness out of the ordinary and expect a pat on the back because of it. Make it ordinary. Kindness should be ordinary. Be kind to others, but most importantly be kind to yourself because it rubs off on everyone you touch!