Super Freaks With Style

By now you’ve probably become aware of a growing brand called Freaker USA. They came out with a bang and are continuing on the path of growth, innovation, and creative genius. The guys behind the brand are the brand. Even though the products they create are fun, unique, colorful, and new, this brand really has nothing at all to do with the products. It’s all about the guys that created it and made it what it is today. It’s their lifestyle, independence, humor, and love of people that makes this brand.  They want to bring in as many people as they can so everyone can enjoy the party. When you enter, they give you a party favor which is a Freaker! This one size fits all accessory keeps your drink cool and makes you look cool, plus it’s a good conversation starter. Everyone wants one so you’ll make new friends because of it.

Freaker USA began in 2011

Oh wait…you want to hear the full story? You want to meet everyone? Well, the best way to do that is to check out the documentary, Capital C.

Enjoy my Freaker friends!

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