Gracewear Collection

Now that we have covered a few great beauty brands I want to switch topics to a Jewelry line that is not only beautiful, but has a beautiful message.

Gracewear is a Christian lifestyle brand that uses a unique symbol, the Shield of Faith (pictured above), to cover women in God’s protection daily. Whether you are a believer or not, the message that it sends and represents is one that is very meaningful.

We all have something worth praying for and Gracewear gives us a great reminder that no matter what, God is always with us and on our side. Gracewear Collection is based on Ephesians 6: 10-18- and is created to offer HOPE and LIGHT- through the Power of the Shield.

This season Gracewear has really come out with some beautiful pieces. One of my favorites is pictured above. This is an elegant necklace that will dress up a T and blue jeans or go well with your nicest evening attire.

The brand covers a broad demographic in that they’ve designed jewelry at different price points for girls and women and also have some great gifts for men. This fall they have not only added great new pieces to the jewelry collection, but are also introducing handbags and soft, one size fits most tunics. The handbags come in navy, maroon, and grey seen below. These purses are quite roomy and great for any gal on the go. They are big enough to hold an iPad!

Look out for your nearest Gracewear retailer or just visit the Gracewear boutique in Cashiers, NC! To find out more about the line and the story behind it click here.

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